Faceapp Is Becoming Familiar Among Indian Celebrities

Here you will find the photos of Bollywood Celebrities undergone through Faceapp. Actually, Faceapp in bollyood of FaceAppChallenge is going viral from the last few days and here we are going to discuss the reasons behind this viral app.

Photo By in.mashable

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Have you anytime think that how you would look at the age of 60 or 70? You can imagine some inscriptions into your mind that how much your face or personality would get change. But, if you are too curious about this fact then find out your age difference through Faceapp. Yes! Recently, a free app, named as Faceapp has launched on the google play store or Apple Play store. This app changes your face beauty into an old look and you can easily judge how would you look at the age of 60 or 70.

Some days ago the people have the tendency about the Snapchat baby filter and gender swap filter but, now, A Russian based app has totally grabbed the attention of the users. The app was initially launched in 2017 but, now, with some notable changes, it comes back. It gives the wrinkly look of skin and grey hair. Moreover, saggy cheeks in addition to wrinkles and grey hair totally change your look and you look like an old man/woman.   

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Where casual users are using the app and making fun on social media and on other platforms, at the same time, the celebrities are also getting suffered from this app. Recently, some Bollywood Celebrities shared their photos on Instagram and on other social media platforms which are going viral. The celebrities who are on the top of this activity, are listed below:  


Photo by @Arunsingh and in.mashable

Photo By @Cricshotsofficial andin.mashable

Photo By @varundvn and in.mashable

Photo By @arjunkapoor and in.mashable

Photo By @taapsee and in.mashable

If you also want to get the experience like these celebs photos then you can also find Facepp on Google play stores. Faceapp in bollywood or FaceAppChallenge is getting more extension day after day and it might be possible that more celebs will share their experience with this app on their social media accounts. We’ll come back with other latest ones.

More than 50 million downloads of this app have completed but this is not the whole story because the average of downloading is increasing on a daily basis and no one knows at which extent the app will reach. However, in order to find more news about FaceAppChallenge or other news about your favorite Indian Celebrities, you are to be suggested to keep visiting celebritybasics.  

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